„Film I still I life" is an ongoing photo,- video and performance project, since 2014.

I`m experimenting with the performativity of translucent materials in still life. What I finally photograph is not a static still life, but result of illusion which changes through its specific environment and the light. Not the actual setting is important, but what is projected, reflected by the environment,- whereas my simple staging never changes the environmental intensity.
I photographed the first series in my studio. In the second phase, I set the same, simple objects in other, for still life rather unusual places: "film | still | life # uncommon places". The third phase of the staging is taking place in the nature: "film | still | life # pleinair".

"Film I still I life" was also recorded in videos and presented parallel to the exhibited photos.
In the performance, the tonal performativity of the materials is presented.

FUGA Budapest
Young Austrian Photography
Magdalena Zeisel :: Film | Still | Life